Here you can check out characters from Sonic World DX that will be playable or not. The roster may be subject to change and may differ from previous releases.

Sonic the Hedgehog



Jump Attack: Homing Attack

Stomp Ability: Bounce Bracelet.

Skill 1: Spin Kick / Boom Kick

Skill 2: Light-Speed Dash




Miles “Tails” Prower

2016_legacy_tails_render_by_nibroc_rock-dafeahoTails is a talented young fox who can fly by spinning his two tails like helicopter rotors. He resides in the Mystic Ruins. A gentle soul bullied in his past for having a little more than others do, Tails became more confident about himself after meeting Sonic. Tails is very intelligent, yet very humble, and always willing to help out when he can. Tails can do just about anything if he just thinks about it and sums up all the answers correctly. He is always very supportive of his friends and he looks up to Sonic. Tails has been with Sonic ever since.


Knuckles the Echidna

legacy_knuckles_the_echidna_render_by_nibroc_rock-db16m8pKnuckles is a heroic and powerful echidna who lives on Angel Island, an island in the sky. He is destined to guard the Master Emerald at the Altar of the Emeralds, forever. He is Sonic’s rival and also a friend who can be stubborn and serious. His belief in the goodness of others sometimes makes him gullible. Knuckles is honest, loyal to his duty, independent, and headstrong. Despite being a silent loner, and the fact he prefers that too, he is also kindhearted. Due to his nature, he very often chooses force to be the solution to his problems.


Amy Rose

legacy_amy_rose_render_by_nibroc_rock-db1arl5Amy is a young and cheerful girl hedgehog who can be a bit obsessed about chasing Sonic. She is his self-proclaimed girlfriend and an energetic go-getter who lets nothing get in her way. Although she has a tomboyish portrayal, she is also very kind and sweet. Amy is always full of hope and is always cheering for the good side of things. She feels strongly that there is always a chance for the world to be saved and that people are basically good. Despite being slightly annoying, she has rarely met anyone who she did not befriend. Amy is a regular sweetheart.


Shadow the Hedgehog

shadow_the_hedgehog__legacy_render__by_nibroc_rock-dbkvdp8Shadow is an artificially processed transgenic hedgehog, created with Black Arms DNA by Professor Gerald Robotnik. He is known as the ultimate life form, also sharing Sonic’s agility and speed. He has a strong sense of purpose and pursues his goals by any means necessary. Shadow prefers to work alone and distances himself from essentially everyone, with few exceptions. He has a very strong sense of protecting mankind due to his relationship with Maria Robotnik in the past. After recovering from amnesia, he has had a better understanding of living faithfully.


Rouge the Bat

rouge_the_bat_legacy_render_by_nibroc_rock-daz1j3aRouge is a smart, sassy and seductive female bat. She is a treasure hunter who specializes in jewels, and she always gets what she wants. She might have a secret interest in Knuckles, since some things never change after all. She might appear to be ditsy at first blush, but she is a calculating realist who acts on her mercenary instincts. Rouge occasionally works for the government as a spy, but nevertheless, there is always something in for her own good. She is a strong-minded young woman, flirty and greedy, and fights dirty when facing a potentially superior opponent.


Cream the Rabbit & Cheese

Cream is a sweet girl rabbit and a friend of the chao. She is inseparable from her chao friend, Cheese. She is very nurturing also towards Cheese’s brother, Chocola. She gives her best at anything she tries, and is always full of curiosity. She is polite, just, and follows manners. Her mother Vanilla the Rabbit is strict, but kind discipline has made Cream very kind. She is brave as well, usually not afraid to go out on an adventure. She is a bit naive however, and does not always see things right away since she is still very young. She loves making flower crowns.


Blaze the Cat

2016_legacy_blaze_render_by_nibroc_rock-daooombBlaze is a pyrokinetic cat princess from another dimension who is the protector of the Sol Emeralds. She has helped Sonic in the past to abolish Eggman Nega’s plans. Blaze takes her job so seriously that she is not the best at making friends. She is calm, solemn, and level-headed as she conceals her true feelings. Blaze is often lacking in social skills, and comes off as shy. But the time she has spent with Sonic and Cream has helped her to discover the meaning of friendship. Blaze is also quite mannerly, probably due to her royal upbringing.


Silver the Hedgehog

silver_the_hedgehog_legacy_render_by_nibroc_rock-db2ag3tSilver is a hedgehog who has come from the future to change a ruined planet in his timeline. Although he was raised in such a world, he is an optimist and he is full of a strong sense of justice that motivates him to head to the past to correct the future. His psychokinetic abilities enable him to move things around by using just the power of his mind, a power considered second nature in his time. He also believes in standing up for those who cannot for themselves. Yet he is somewhat young and immature at times.


E-123 Omega

legacy_e_123_omega_render_by_nibroc_rock-db2r0ujE-123 Omega was created as the last of Eggman’s E-100 Series robots, possibly inspired by the design of E-102 Gamma. Omega was designed by Eggman to prevent the release of Shadow. But being imprisoned infuriated Omega, and he abandoned his original programming to prove his power against all of Eggman’s machines. Since then, he teamed up with Rouge and Shadow, the people he trusts most. While Omega is largely emotionless since he is a robot, he is still capable of understanding those of others. He prefers to destroy anything that poses any kind of threat.


Espio the Chameleon

legacy_espio_render_by_nibroc_rock-db1qmoxEspio is a chameleon who is a master of ninja arts. As a skilled ninja who thrives on danger, he uses stealth and speed to fool his enemies. His wariness and soulful character makes him a vital member of Chaotix Detective Agency. He is very serious, calm, wise and disciplined, but also opinionated and somewhat arrogant at times. He is usually eager to find danger to flex and polish his skills. He has very good deduction skills as well and can analyze the evil in an instant. He cares a lot for the well-being of his friends.


Charmy Bee

legacy_charmy_bee_render_by_nibroc_rock-db1ueeiCharmy is a hyperactive bee who is one of the co-founders of Chaotix Detective Agency. He loves to play and can be seen buzzing around everywhere. Although he usually does not get angry, he uses his powerful stinger to attack enemies when provoked. Charmy would rather be playing around than work. He enjoys singing and similar childish goofs, while his team mates try to focus on the tasks. He is easily excitable and looks up to superior figures. His childish behavior can be annoying at times, but nonetheless, he is a valuable member of the agency.


Vector the Crocodile

legacy_vector_the_crocodile_render_by_nibroc_rock-db1yq4sVector is a croc with attitude and the head honcho of Chaotix Detective Agency. Despite his scaly exterior and often aggressive manner, Vector has a kind heart deep down. While he may seem like he is only about the pay, he always helps those in need for free. He has a rough demeanor, and at times he is even downright rude, but he is quite a kind soul. He will always care for others and do nothing that will hurt them. He will not get involved with anything not right. He also intensely loves listening to music.


Big the Cat & Froggy

big_the_cat_2018_legacy_render_by_nibroc_rock-dcgkepyBig is a large cat with an endless care for his friends. He is carefree and laid-back. He likes to spend fun days with his best friend Froggy, and takes Froggy everywhere with him. However, he is rather a slow thinker and important things sometimes pass right through his mind. He is very loyal to his friends and reliable. He does not like worry and hurry, and prefers a relaxed life. He has a habit of losing Froggy. Big is amazed by a lot of things and is almost always upbeat, but he is still a great friend.



Marine the Raccoon

marine_the_raccoon_legacy_render_by_nibroc_rock-daphhmkMarine is a hydro-kinetic adventurous raccoon from Blaze’s dimension. She was raised on an isolated island of which she eventually grew tired of. She would spend her days gazing upon the vast ocean surrounding her island, wondering what kinds of places and adventures her world had in store. Marine is rather giddy and so often acts before she thinks. She is relatively bossy and attention-seeking, and others occasionally find her a nuisance. She often tries to act tough and in control in front of others even when she herself is anxious. Her passion is to become a worthy captain.


Mighty the Armadillo

mighty_the_armadillo_2018_render_by_nibroc_rock-dc8dbcnMighty is an armadillo that loves to travel and his dream is to journey the world. He is a gentle explorer and a caring pacifist, using his strength and fighting abilities only when there is no other option. A long time ago, he was captured by Doctor Eggman and he was imprisoned at his base. He met Sonic and Ray, and they escaped together. He was caught again later on, this time to be saved by Knuckles. He joined the Chaotix Detective Agency as they stopped Eggman’s robots. He later left the agency and went onto an adventure with Ray.


Ray the Flying Squirrel

ray_the_flying_squirrel_mania_version_render_by_nibroc_rock-dc8n02oRay is a flying squirrel with a rather quirky personality. A long time ago, he was captured by Doctor Eggman and was imprisoned at his base. He was very frightened, but Sonic came to rescue him and his new friend Mighty. He later developed a close friendship with Mighty. Mighty and Ray consider each other brothers and treat each other as such. Ray is slightly more fearful than Mighty, yet extraordinarily interested in super heroes. Ray was recently invited to a new adventure by Mighty.



legacy_chaos_0_render__updated__by_nibroc_rock-db1n1b1Chaos is a mutated chao that has the power of the Master Emerald within him. Once he absorbs all seven Chaos Emeralds, he becomes the dreaded Perfect Chaos. Chaos was a very loving and gentle creature until Pachacamac and his soldiers tried to use the power of Chaos Emeralds to overcome their enemies. Eggman managed to track Chaos’ energy, bring him back to life, and get him to achieve his aggressive final form, which eventually backfired at him. Tikal is Chaos’ best friend, and they live joyfully with the chao in their realm.


Tikal the Echidna

tikal_2018_render_by_nibroc_rock-dcmgf2gTikal is a pacifist echidna who in her youth lived in a period of war, where she opposed her father’s warmongering ways. During this time, she befriended the local chao and their guardian Chaos. When Chaos went on a destructive rampage after her father attempted to steal the sacred emeralds, Tikal stopped Chaos by sealing him inside the Master Emerald with her own spirit. 4000 years later, Tikal was released when Dr. Eggman planned to use Chaos to take over the world. She then aided Sonic and his allies. After Chaos was calmed, Tikal left with Chaos to live their lives in peace.


Fang the Sniper

fang_the_sniper_2016_render_edit_sw_verFang, also known as Nack, is a jerboa who is a mischievous treasure hunter. He tries hard to be sneaky and cunning, although his overconfidence and overall naivety proves to be his biggest flaw. Fang appears to be a coward, as he often runs away when his plans go wrong or when he is frightened. He shows himself to be a comedic and egotistical bad-guy who sews his own defeat. Fang is a loose criminal wanted for theft and extortion, further establishing his greed. He is also fascinated by guns and is an expert of them


Bean the Dynamite

bean_the_dynimtie_dux_2016_render_edit_swBean is a duck characterized with rapid and erratic movements. He is fascinated by bombs and he is an explosives expert. He has spent a large amount of time and effort mastering this skill. He likes to throw bombs at his enemies for his amusement and defense, and he becomes a bit overexcited and trigger happy whenever he uses his bombs. Bean is hyperactive and wacky, in contrast to his partner Bark. Bean likes to tag along with Fang and helps him on his mischievous adventures. He is a wanted criminal just like Fang.


Bark the Polar Bear

bark_the_polar_bear__legacy_render__by_nibroc_rock-dagyv48Bark is a polar bear who is Bean’s partner. While Bean is a blabbering lunatic, Bark remains calm and mostly silent. Because of his great strength, he makes for a dangerous foe against Sonic and his friends. When Bean and Bark had Fang join their pack, they became nearly unstoppable to defeat, and while both his partners are fast, he is definitely the strongest of the bunch, and fighting against him would not be easy. No matter how harsh the consequences may be, he will help out his partners as much as he can to help them achieve their goal.


Jet the Hawk

jet_the_hawk_2018_render_by_nibroc_rock-dc55ddoJet is a hawk who is the boss of Babylon Rogues. Jet’s ancestors are technological, intelligent, professional Extreme Gear rider aliens from the Babylon Garden. He continues his father’s Extreme Gear art. Jet is very greedy and selfish, and he is simply a jerk. He is normally lazy and orders Wave and Storm around. When he gets angry, he aggressively kicks things. He loves to challenge Sonic and is in a constant challenge with him to prove who is the fastest. Since then, he has become more mature and fair, but he still keeps his arrogance.


Wave the Swallow

wave_the_swallow_legacy__updated__render_by_nibroc_rock-db2lgq5Wave is a swallow who is the technical genius of Babylon Rogues. Because of her knowledge, she is brimming with self-confidence and arrogance. Due to her adoration of Jet, she allows herself to take the blame for anything that is not her fault. She often refuses to admit when someone has talent and loves to insult others. Wave is often the one reminding Jet and Storm their responsibilities, but she is not always listened to. She is mistreated as if she is good only at building mechanisms. Although Wave knows Jet is an unreliable friend, she keeps following his leadership.


Storm the Albatross

storm_the_albatross_legacy__updated__render_by_nibroc_rock-db2lgt5Storm is an albatross who is a member of the Babylon Rogues. He is hulking, an imposing sight and a powerful force, and capable of destroying anything. He is Jet’s right-hand man. Despite his commitment to duties, he has a quick temper and his clumsiness constantly succeeds in embarrassing himself, Jet, and Wave. He also tends to stutter whenever he has become excited or he is distressed. Storm is very loyal to Jet, and believes his royalty is greater than anyone else. Because of this, he is always ready for an assignment. He loves having Jet as his boss.


Tiara the Manx

tiara_the_manx_legacy_render_by_nibroc_rock-daplgi0Tiara is a manx that possesses a scepter with magical abilities. Tiara was born in a far off island. Because it was far from any type of civilization, her wizard father trained her in the best types of offensive magic and athleticism in order to overcome the wild beasts on the island. She was an agile magician by a very young age. For a few years, she has been researching a faraway island. Tiara took a boat to this island at some point and has been living there since. She has a very cheerful and positive personality.


 Honey the Cat

honey_the_cat_legacy__updated__render_by_nibroc_rock-dbjctfaHoney is a cat who is upbeat and friendly, but also a determined business owner. She is an ambitious fashion designer and also an agile fighter. Even when facing a problem, she has enough confidence to get around it somehow. She is very kind to others, but she also knows when to protect herself. She enjoys an urban life, loves to try out different styles, and hang out with her friends. Rumor has it that she designed Amy’s dress.


Shade the Echidna

shade_10th_anniversary_render_by_nibroc_rock-dco7gv9Shade is an echidna who has lived with the others of her lost clan within the Twilight Cage for over 4000 years. As the leader of the Nocturnus Clan, she takes her job very seriously. She becomes an ally of Sonic and Knuckles when she is saved by them from Imperator Ix after she learnt his plan to conquer Sonic’s world. She is very loyal and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes is right. She is trained in the arts of stealth and the use of powerful high-tech weaponry, making her a fierce opponent.


Mephiles the Dark

legacy_mephiles_the_dark_render_auraless_by_nibroc_rock-db2vnqyMephiles is a dark crystal-like entity that wants to bring destruction to the world. He lurks in the shadows, causing havoc and despair to the unsuspecting. He can control shadows and darkness. Mephiles was born during the creation of Solaris and was split away from it. He was then sealed by Shadow into a scepter. After some time, he was accidentally set free. He later became a part of Solaris, but was eventually erased from existence as Sonic put out the flame of hope with Princess Elise.


Heavy & Bomb

Heavy and Bomb are two robots that were created by Dr. Eggman, but similar to some of the doctor’s other robots, they betrayed him, and assisted Chaotix Detective Agency in one of their quests. Despite their efforts to help, Heavy is usually very slow and Bomb is often self destructive. However, they are still good companions that their friends appreciate to be around. After Knuckles and the Chaotix stopped Dr. Eggman, Heavy and Bomb went on their own way to live out a life in freedom.


E-102 Gamma

Jump Attack: Hover

Stomp Attack: None

Skill 1: Lock-On Target

Skill 2: Floatation Device





Emerl the Gizoid

emerl_legacy_render_by_nibroc_rock-dapdbblEmerl is the most powerful Gizoid created by the Nocturnus Clan, but was left behind when the Nocturnus Clan was pulled into the Twilight Cage. About four thousand years later, Emerl was discovered by Gerald Robotnik, who classified him as a superweapon. Gerald attempted to nullify his destructive programming, but failed. In an attempt to curb it, he gave it the same qualities as his creation, Shadow, and a soul based on that of his granddaughter, Maria Robotnik.




gemerl_legacy_render_by_nibroc_rock-dapdbgzG-merl is a Gizoid Created by Dr. Eggman using data and parts from Emerl, making him an evil reincarnation to help him stop Sonic and his friends. However G-merl betrayed Eggman and stole the Chaos Emeralds for himself. He turned into Ultimate G-merl and was defeated by Sonic and Eggman teaming up. His remains were later found on a beach and he was repaired by Tails to make him good like Emerl once was. He now lives with Vanilla and Chocola.



 Metal Sonic

metal_sonic_2018_render_by_nibroc_rock-dcnm0mpMetal Sonic is Sonic’s robotic copy, created by Doctor Eggman to destroy the fleet-footed hero. Metal Sonic was made to copy Sonic in every way, including his speed. He is perhaps one of Sonic’s few rivals who has come the closest to defeating him. Metal Sonic is aggressive, hungry for superiority, and very cold-hearted. Despite usually keeping his darker side somewhat secret, he has a hidden obsessive passion for turning against his master and ruling over the world. His ultimate desire above all else is proving that he is the real Sonic.


Tails Doll

Tails Doll is a puppet version of Tails built by Doctor Eggman. It is comparable to Tails in the same way Metal Sonic is comparable to Sonic. Tails Doll has a metal rod protruding out of the top of its head that leads to a red gem that seems to control the robot’s movements. After its first use at the World Grand Prix, it had been put off for awhile, but now it is back. Although it does not appear to be an aggressive creation, many say that it has an extremely dark side to it, even to the point where it may be a cursed being.


Metal Knuckles

mknMetal Knuckles is Knuckles’ robotic copy. Seeing how he was a hindrance to his plans, Doctor Eggman prepared Metal Knuckles as a secret weapon to overthrow Knuckles. Metal Knuckles uses the same power plant as Metal Sonic, and shares abilities with Knuckles. After his first use at the World Grand Prix and his loss against Sonic and his friends, Doctor Eggman decided to deactivate him. But recently, he upgraded him and let him join with Metal Sonic and Tails Doll to go and stop Sonic and his friends once and for all.


Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik

legacy_eggman_render_by_nibroc_rock-daoukr9Doctor Eggman is a human with an amazing IQ over 300. He uses his scientific genius and robotics expertise to create weapons and gadgets in his bid to take over the world. However, Eggman’s schemes are foiled at every turn by Sonic and his friends. As countless of his plans were ineffective, he has recently become a little more insane than the smart, calm, and evil man he used to be. He is very short-tempered. Eggman is also very arrogant and narcissistic, and even many of his robots and machines bear his likeness to some degree.



2016_eggrobo_legacy_render_by_nibroc_rock-daouljjJump Attack: Fly

Stomp Attack: Power Stomp

Skill 1: Triple Shot

Skill 2: Homing Missile



infinite_smash4_main_render_by_nibroc_rock-dbn86c9Infinite is an edgy jackal, who abandoned his past weaker self in order to conquer the world. With the ability to create illusions as real as reality, he can manipulate and defeat any foe. He was formerly known as the ultimate mercenary and was the leader of the Jackal Squad. Infinite rose to power seamlessly after Shadow defeated him in a previous battle. He was soon determined to destroy everything in sight, and thus he joined Eggman’s forces to end the Resistance and was given the power of the Phantom Ruby. To this day, Infinite is an enigmatic mysterious figure.


Eggman Nega

Eggman Nega is a very cruel human that is a descendant of Doctor Eggman from the distant future. He has also traveled to Blaze’s dimension to cause havoc. Although Eggman and Nega have worked together, they are usually rivals against each other. Nega is good at disguising himself as Eggman. He is eerily polite and can lose track of important details while making unnecessarily long speeches. He is also slightly more unstable than Eggman and does not have the slightest mercy for the world.



E-101 Beta MK2




Mecha Sonic




Doom’s Eye









orbot_legacy_render_by_nibroc_rock-dappzpmOrbot is a sassy circular servant robot built by Eggman to help him in his various schemes, along with Cubot. Orbot enjoys pointing out the many mistakes in Eggman’s plans and likes to criticize Eggman in any bad choice he makes. Out of the two servant robots, Orbot is the smarter and calmer one. While he is supposed to assist Dr. Eggman in his works, he still talks to him with sass and disrespect even at the face of Eggman’s anger.



cubot_legacy_render_by_nibroc_rock-dapq0h3Cubot is a dimwit cubical servant robot built by Eggman to help him in his various schemes, along with Orbot. Cubot dislikes work, and he usually prefers lying down and relaxing than doing anything. Even when he works, he does it horribly, often falling asleep. Out of the two servant robots, Cubot is the sillier and lazier one. Cubot’s own hardware is just as lazily designed at times, with a faulty voice chip that keeps changing constantly. Therefore, he can never be taken seriously.


Maria Robotnik

maria_render_by_nibroc_rock-dboy5g3Maria is a young human, who was the granddaughter of Gerald Robotnik. She was born and raised on the Space Colony ARK. She suffered from a terminal illness, which led Gerald to work on Project Shadow in hopes of finding a cure for her. Gerald’s research created Shadow, and he became a close friend of Maria. When G.U.N. shut down the ARK, Maria was killed while assisting Shadow in his escape from the colony. Maria was very strong in spirit, eternally cheerful, optimistic, and kind. She held endless love and compassion for the people of the world and wished for universal peace.


Vanilla the Rabbit & Chocola

legacy_vanilla_the_rabbit_render_by_nibroc_rock-db1ijykVanilla is the respected mother of Cream. She lives in a small cottage with her daughter Cream, Cheese, and Chocola. Chocola is the brother of Cheese. Vanilla is a skilled chef, knitter, cleaner and has always taught her daughter to never forget saying #please# and #thank you#. She also cares a lot for her family, always making sure that they are not in danger of any kind. She is fond of those who keep her family safe. She spends her days happily with Chocola, waiting for Cream and Cheese to come back for some pie.



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