Older Character Mods


This section contain modifications of the characters of and for Sonic World.

(If Release 4 and Under🙂 – Put the file in the Characters folder.

(If Release 5 and up🙂 – Put into Mods folder and there correct folders needed to have the mod applicable.

Classic Sonic

Classic Sonic over modern Sonic in Sonic World. For those who’d want classic back.

For version(s): Release 3 and under.

Author: 3DSawnikku(Rodrick)





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SIM Sonic(s) From Sonic Colors Mod

Has only 2 seprate colors from blue. Enjoy.

For version(s): Release 4 and up.

Author: 3DSawnikku



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Metal Sonic 3.0

This is a new skin for you Metal Sonic fans.

For version(s): Release 4 and up.

Author: Error Message


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Rogue G.U.N. Hunter Mod

A rogue gun hunter, escaped from the agency to seek freedom and fight for his own.

For version(s): Release 4 and up. Might work with previous.

Author: 3DSawnikku





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Scourge the Hedgehogscourge

Basically Scourge over sonic. Model and voice. Pretty cool.

For version(s): Release 3 and Below.




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Mario Team Pack! *Blazin’*Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 12.50.18 PM

this mod is hot, download while it’s still Warm!





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Sound/Voice Modifications

Replaced or new voices and sounds available here.

Heroes Voice Pack

A Hero voice pack, very nice and quite cool aswell.



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Unleashed Voice Pack

An Unleashed Voice pack for those who like the voices.

For versions(s): Release 3 and up

Author: DarthSonic2Download Button