Important Statement: Downscaling.

As many of you guys know, Sonic World DX has been in development for a year and a half, and has the main goal of polishing Sonic World to be as good as it can be. This involves polishing and reanimating the entire cast, alongside giving them new moves to make them seem better to pick than others.

Now that we’ve progressed for so long, we believe that it will be hard to do every character. With hesitation, we decided to cut the roster in half to the essential characters. Most of these already have progress done, with the only characters with significant progress being cut is Egg-robo and E101-Beta. Following a developer discussion, we have decided the following characters have enough in order to justify their position:

For the missing characters, the modders will have to add them into the game in order for them to return. This is for the best and to not overwork the animation team. I know the sheer roster size was a big drawing point for Sonic World, and we kept some outlandish picks because of that.

I hope you understand this change: