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This page will be answering some of the questions which are asked often. If you have an issue, it is a good idea to check this list to see if your question has already been answered.

Q. How do I download Sonic World?
A. To download Sonic World go to the Downloads Page found on the website. You can also find a download link from the release videos found on YouTube.

Q. What is Sonic World made in?
A. Sonic World has been created using the Blitz3D engine.

Q. Will you be adding more characters?
A. We completed the character roster. More characters can be acquired with mods.

Q. When will the next release be coming out?
A. A release only comes out when we think we have come up with enough new content for you to play with along with removing all the bugs we can find. So there is no set date for new releases but we will try out best to get a new release out as quickly as possible.

Q. Why does my game randomly crash?
A. If the game crashes at the same thing every time, it may be a bug. Another reason this could happen is because your computer may not be powerful enough to handle the current settings you are running the game at. If you cannot find the reason why your game crashes, Contact us and send us a message about it.

Q. Who made Sonic World?
A. The Development Team of Sonic World can be found on the About page.

Q. Will Sonic World be on Consoles?
A. No. Sonic World will only be available to play on the PC.

Q. Why is there no boost ability?
A. Seeing as a large number of other 3D Sonic fan games have this we decided to stay away from it as it seems very generic. It also is because the boost ability isn’t really that good for most levels in Sonic World.

Q. Are there character types like in Sonic Heroes?
A. No. Teams only exist for story purposes and work as individual characters with their unique properties. Therefore there is no Speed, Fly or Power types for characters.

Q. Will Sonic World be free?
A. Yes. As this is a fan game and contains copyrighted material owned by SEGA we cannot sell the game and so it will always be free.

Q. Will Sonic World be available on Mac and Linux?
A. No, it will not be on Mac and Linux, but you can use a Windows emulator.

Q. How do I unlock characters?
A. You can play levels to get emblems, get enough and you unlock different characters.

Q. Will you be adding more characters?
A. We only have characters from the main video game series,  we do not plan to add characters from the comics, tv show, Sonic Boom, we also don’t plan to add characters in their classic forms.

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