BlitzSonic Online

Originally private and shared among Sonic World developers, we have gotten permission from the original creator, WizGenesis, to release this! Tutorials will be posted on this page!

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Game Setup

  1. Download BlitzSonic Online and extract it using 7zip, WinRAR or any archiving program.
  2. Download and install LogMeIn Hamachii and follow its instructions. You will need to create an account for this.
  3. To go online, you must press the power button on the app. It should look like this:
  4. After that, you go to the Network tab. Choose “join an existing network” if you are joining someone’s lobby, and choose “Create a New Network” if you are starting your own.
  5. Once you have joined the Network, you must open up Blitz Sonic Online. Press Y if you were hosting and N if you are joining another’s I.P.
  6. Select your online name. You can change this later using the /nickname command.
  7. If you are JOINING a lobby, you will have to input their I.P.
  8. Then you get to choose your character. There is a .txt file included on the game’s download to tell you what codes to input. An invalid input will just make you Sonic.
  9. If the background is Green and says “Connecting…”, you have successfully connected!


  • WizGenesis – Developer
  • Nibroc. Rock – Models, Tokyo Street, Worst Cave
  • Aloix12 – Aero Garden
  • Jalex777 and Shahars71 – Build Provider.
  • Damizean and Mark “Coré” – BlitzSonic Developers