General Info



Sonic World is a fan game engine geared towards the Adventures and Heroes games. It is a very advanced enhancement of the BlitzSonic engine, pushing it to the limits to become a robust engine.

The game is also very customizable to make everything to your fitting.

One of the game’s focuses is characters. We have tried our best to bring uniqueness and fun with a crazy amount of 30+ playable characters. They are all individual with a certain set of shared moves.

The game is looking to mix the best of Sonic games altogether along with new ideas.

We hope you enjoy the engine and to look forward to what else we have in store in the future.

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  • Gameplay based on Adventure and Heroes series
  • 30+ playable characters, with unique movesets
  • Teams system from Heroes returns, along with the ability to mix-and-match your own team
  • Configurable controls and controller support
  • Different mission combinations provide a variety of replay value: reach the goal, time attack, treasure hunting, boss battles, ring collecting, and more.
  • Some stages inspired from the official games and some custom stages
  • Detailed and efficient debug mode for fans to make their own stages
  • Fully functional Chao Garden (release 6+)
  • The engine is continuously being updated and there are new releases throughout the year