V1.1.20 Upcoming Feature – Mod Backwards Compatibility

1.1.20 will be the next patch update.

We’ll be working towards adding compatibility for Legacy character mods and the animation system. this makes them way easier to port, only requiring minor text editing knowledge.

Shown with EnderPreston’s Steve mod for R9 and Chalpha Eve’s Kirby mod.

The model will still need minor changes to be compatible. Old movesets are NOT ported so most unique skill animations will have to be adjusted. Most mods using Sonic, and the President’s skillset will not be affected (Sonic would just need his throw animation deleted)

This does make porting Legacy mods much easier as you don’t need to worry about the added animations (victory, wait, mach, skydive, etc)

Want to know what mods this opens up opportunities for? Legacy mods can be found here: Link. Once 1.1.20 releases, we will supply a tutorial both on the Gamebanana and the supplied mod documentation. Our modding community means the World (ha) to us, so we hope this lets new fans and old replay older mods easier in this improved version of Sonic World.

Sonic World 1.1.10

Hey guys! Sorry we’ve been lacking on updates on the site

In case you missed it, we released 1.1 on March 31st. Since then we have created various patches, now that data is unencrypted, allowing us to fix bugs and glitches faster than before.

Said patches released are 1.1.01, 1.1.02, 1.1.03 and 1.1.10. The latest will always be on the downloads page, meaning we will replace the link each time a patch is out. This also means people will always be sure the patch of version 1 they’re getting is the latest.

the changelog for all versions from 1.1.10 is as follows:

V 1.1.10:

Crisis City Act 4

  • Fixed sign alphas.
  • Merged unnecessary vertices.
  • Added an invisible barrier in case you get knocked off-course.
  • Added music, a background and a thumbnail.
  • Made the lavafall move.

Kingdom Valley Act 3

  • Fixed a certain trick hoop being too high to make contact with.


  • Improved selection of save slots and increase vanilla limit to 5.
  • Updated in-game credits for 1.1.
  • Updated Shadow Android skate animation.
  • Fixed an issue where dying would not properly reset challenge progress and walleted rings.
  • Fixed an issue where boss acts would crash due to looking for non existent files.
  • Fixed an issue where Rouge’s screwkick attack would not damage enemies.


  • Fixed an issue where grind rails sometimes set the player at an extremely low speed.


  • Added credits to base game themes.
  • Fixed certain issues pertaining to mod loading.
  • Fixed an issue where returning to the island after completing a challenge act would not let you pick up additional mission cards
  • Fixed an issue with red rings not resetting properly after death.
  • Fixed an issue where hint text was not being rendered at the front of the UI.


  • Fixed voice mods not functioning properly.
  • Fixed the encore unlock screen from appearing every time after getting it normally.
  • Removed some dummy files that were not used by the game to save on file space.
  • Fixed plants not being able to be changed in the options menu.

Sonic World V1.1 Out!

A new update to Sonic World 1.1 is out!

a video showing all the changes can be seen here!

  • For Modders
    • The fifth mission of a stage is only locked until all red rings are collected, if the mission type is set to encore.
    • Only the fifth mission of a stage can be set to encore.
    • Free roam missions have been renamed to “Hub” and now support more hub specific features.
    • Character mods can now have custom sounds for their jump action.
    • Stages can now support progress saving for hub worlds (see documentation for details).
    • Adding to the information section of a stage xml will set a hard speedcap.
      -This replaces .
    • Added a system to allow for global sound packs similar to objects.
    • You can now force the game to load a stage on startup (see documentation for details).
    • Insta shield can now be used as a jump action for modded characters.
  • Additions
    • Added Jet the Hawk as a playable character.
    • Added several new items to the shop
    • Added a progress screen to view various statistics about your game.
    • Added a new challenge system to provide more long term goals and rewards. This will be expanded upon in future updates.
    • Added a character switcher to the island to change characters without leaving.
    • Added rewards for clearing challenge acts.
  • Changes
    • Marathon Mode
      • Marathon mode has recieved a complete overhaul!
      • You can now have up to three different marathons saved at one time.
      • You can now choose between playing all main acts in order, a random alternate act from every stage, endless mode or all encore acts in order (once unlocked)
      • Endless Mode:
        • In endless mode, the player starts with five lives.
        • The ability to gain lives has been completely disabled.
        • Endless play through a random act from a random stage until you run out of lives.
        • At the end of the run, you get a ring reward based on how many stages you completed before dying.
      • You can now disable shop items on a per marathon basis without needing to disable them manually from the shop itself.
      • Character and team selections are now saved per marathon and are unable to be changed mid-marathon.
    • General Changes
      • Game assets are no longer compressed into a .swarc file.
      • Removed a bad omen from worst cave.
      • Adjusted the prices of various items in the shop.
      • Refactored many aspects of game code for optimisation.
      • Mod folder structure has been heavily reworked and optimised: See documentation for details.
      • The locations of the base game assets, mods and savedata folders can now be fully customised. See documentation for details.
      • You can now toggle purchased shop items directly from the stage select screen.
    • Stage Changes
      • Rebalanced all rank requirements to fit the new ranking system.
      • Completely reworked silver’s tutorial level.
      • Time is no longer reset upon death in treasure hunt missions.
      • Crisis City Act 4 has recieved a new layout.
    -Gameplay Changes
    – The spindash has been changed to no longer allow rapid speed gain from mashing the button.
    – The drift has been overhauled to allow for better direction control while removing the ability to steer it with the camera.
    – Pressing the reset camera button is now more reliable.
    – Capture mode can now be quick toggled by pressing F11.
    – Boosting is now more reliable and has increased speed.
    – Added sounds to better indicate when the player is going to drop dash.
    – Trick hoops now grant +10 gauge energy.
    – Jumping off from an upwards slope should now send you higher, akin to the classic and adventure games.
    • Character Changes
      • Reduced the height that metal sonic gains when performing the rocket flip.
    • UI Changes
      • Overhauled many aspects of themes, such as HUD layouts, asset loading and more.
      • Themes are now loaded similarly to stages and characters, where they are auto sorted or a specific
        order can be chosen with an xml.
      • HUD Layouts are now consolodated to presets instead of individual elements.
        • This was to allow for more precise tuning for each individual style.
        • A “custom” preset is planned for a future update.
      • Themes can now be changed ingame without having to force close the game (Experimental).
      • Number spacing and positioning has been made more consistent and uniform.
  • Fixes
    • General Fixes
      • Fixed marathon mode being unbeatable.
      • Fixed an issue where loading screen backgrounds would display incorrectly (again).
      • Fixed an issue where favourite commands were being bound to the wrong button.
      • Fixed an issue where jet particles were emitting on mod characters that had the shadow ori.
      • Fixed an issue where mod characters that use the shadow ori without the thwok jump action had a faster homing attack.
      • Fixed the game timer displaying milliseconds incorrectly.
      • Fixed tutorial stages sending you back to the stage select instead of the play menu.
      • Fixed several issues pertaining to MAV errors when leaving non-action stages.
      • Fixed numerous menu related issues.

Download on MEGA here:

or here:

Sonic World Stage Contest: Guidelines

9 Strong Years! Release 1 of Sonic World released at February 14th 2014, with the DX Anniversary Demo releasing on the same date in 2019.

To mark 9 years of Sonic World and 4 years of the first Sonic World DX Demo, we have decided to celebrate the community and make this contest.

The Modding community of this game has always been strong, but was at its strongest between Release 7 and Release 9 (2016-2019). In order to revitalize the modding scene, we decided to host this contest and encourage anyone with an interest in modding this game a shot.

Unlike previous competitions, there is no specific theme. Just create whatever stage you want to! Be it a remake of a classic stage, a rip of an existing Sonic stage, or something entirely original!


Absolutely new to stage modding? We have a full tutorial that is relevant to the latest version!

Want to join but don’t have any idea on what to make? This page is a good reference to what Sonic levels have representation in World! Click the image below to see:


Unlike previous contests, this one will be User Voted!

Rewards include:

  • A Steam key for any Sonic Game
  • Early access to SWDX content (preview builds)
  • A vanity Contest Winner role on the Discord Server


Once the voting period opens, a HUB World/Island with all contestant stages will be available for people to try out the stages, or they could download stages separately by the respective creators.

At the same time a During the voting period a channel will open up with all entries to vote for.


The RULES are as follows:

  • This must be made 100% compatible with SWDX V1 or later.
  • There are no restrictions on what stage to make. Go wild!
  • The stage must be fully objected and completable.
  • The stage can be either a Single Act or 5-Act stage.
  • Original stages, and game rips are allowed
  • Ports of OTHER people’s legacy stages are NOT allowed
  • Do not claim anyone else’s work as your own.
  • Submit your entry to the dedicated forum on the Discord’s modding channel.
  • The stage must be published on the SWDX Gamebanana page.

Dates and Deadlines

Submission Deadline: 1st June 2023 0:00 GMT
Voting Period: 3rd – 9th July 2023

I really hope you may consider participating, sharing your Sonic ideas to the World!

Have Fun!

UPDATE: 1.0.10

We have updated to patch 1.0.10, fixing false positives on many Anti-virus software! Download here:




Version 1.0.01

– Fixed an issue where World Tokens were not saving properly.
– Fixed an issue where S ranking a tutorial stage gave emblems to the last action stage played.
– Fixed an issue where it was possible to unlock encore acts for tutorial levels.
– Fixed an issue where legacy stages in the island were giving emblems to Emerald Coast.
– Fixed an issue where exiting a legacy stage or challenge act would not play a sound on clicking the button.
– Fixed an issue where the ring counter on the island would flash red until you collected a ring.
– Fixed an issue where exiting out of the marathon start screen would highlight a non existent menu option.
– Fixed an issue where the incorrect tooltip was being shown for certain characters’ stomp actions.
– Fixed an issue where dying in a perfect run mission would not make the player lose a life
– Fixed an issue where marathon mode would randomise the act number.
– Fixed an issue where the screen for unlocking a stage’s encore act was appearing in acts 2-4.

– Added a new ability called “Spare Change”, which increase the amount of rings you drop when you are hit.

– Prevented checkpoints from spawning in perfect run missions as they are not needed in a one life scenario.
– Custom teams are now unlocked from the start
– Getting hit now reduces your rings by 30, instead of taking them all away.

-Stage Changes
– Fixed a spring in Ray’s tutorial that led you to a dry destination.

Version 1.0.10

– Adding to missions.xml will force the stage to only display one mission. This can be used for bite sized
stages or hub worlds that do not require more than one mission.

– Red Star Rings no longer appear in marathon mode, instead spawning 20-value super rings.
– Updated the encryption method to a different software, reducing antivirus false positives and allowing customisation of base game assets.
– Eggman monitors now hurt the player instead of taking away 10 rings.
– Amy’s hammer twirl has been nerfed based on player feedback. An item in the shop has been added for people who prefer the old style.
– Doubled the amount of time that characters who levitate can levitate for.
– Mod stages can now add emblems, rings and redrings.
– Egg Gunner bullets no longer drain rings if you are super.
– Pressing down in 2D sections will now make the player roll.
– All equips show the correct icons

  • General Fixes
    • Updated some fixes from 1.0.01 that were not functioning as intended.
    • Added control tips for several shop skills.
    • Fixed an issue where handicaps were not appearing on the results screen.
    • Fixed an issue where the pulley sound was persisting after the player had exited the pulley state.
    • Fixed mission specific counters overlapping with each other.
    • Fixed some stages having incorrect loading backgrounds.
    • Fixed an issue where the game could freeze for a second when the stage finished loading.
    • Fixed an issue where mission modifiers from challenge acts were carrying over to the island.
    • Fixed an issue where emblems bought from the shop were not unlocking content.
    • Fixed an issue where the vehicle state was not being reset upon completing a stage.
    • Fixed an issue where the Daredevil handicap was not functioning properly.
    • Fixed an issue where the game would crash if you received a game over on a challenge act.
    • Fixed an issue where some Denizens of the Island did not display textures.
  • Character Fixes
    • Fixed certain characters’ stomp actions not performing as intended.

-Stage Fixes
– Emerald Coast
– Fixed softlock when descending the ramp after the first checkpoint.
– Increased the number of ramps at the double-loop.
– Fixed ranking requirement for Challenge Act

- Seaside Hill
    - Fixed softlocks in act 1.
    - Fixed softlocks in act 3.
    - Fixed missing materials in act 5.
    - Reduced ring requirement for the gate to 25
    - Replaced monitors beside ring gate with 2 20 Rings

- Honeycomb Highway
    - Made the Goal Ring appear sooner in Acts 2 and 3, reducing automation.

- Metal Harbor
    - Fixed music not playing in act 2.
    - Fixed softlocks in act 1
    - Fixed an issue with the easter egg room.

- Hang Castle
    - Fixed crashes to do with the stage geometry across all acts.
    - Added the Jump Panel section to Act 2.

- Crisis City
    - Fixed softlock in Challenge Act

- Worst Cave
    - Removed bad omens caused by clearing the stage.
    - Fixed ranking requirements for Challenge Act

- Test Stage
    - Overhauled Act 1 to show off more of DX's new features

- Reworded tutorials for Amy, Infinite, Cream, Rouge and Tails.

Mod Fixes
– Fixed mod stages not loading properly sometimes.
– Fixed an issue where selecting a costume slot on a mod character and then highlighting another character
without that slot would cause the game to crash.
– Fixed an issue where superforms would not appear for mod characters.
– Fixed an issue where Ori0 characters would cause the game to crash sometimes.

Sonic World Version 1 – RELEASE!

Sonic World DX: a Heroes/Adventure styled 3D Sonic Fangame with an all-star roster and strong mod support.

Built off the legacy version of Sonic World, adding higher quality control, more distinct character movesets with improved animations made by the best of Sonic World’s original modding community.

We also made modding this fangame easier than before. With both veteran modders and developers to help the newcomers get their footing.

Download Here:

We got one of the biggest rosters in a 3D Sonic fangame, outside of the Legacy Releases of Sonic World. Unlike the Legacy Releases, everyone has unique animations, an original voice actor and a moveset to call their own!

Playable Characters:

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog
  2. Miles “Tails” Prower
  3. Knuckles the Echidna
  4. Shadow the Hedgehog
  5. Shadow Android (Alternate Character for Shadow with unique moveset)
  6. Rouge the Bat
  7. E-123 Omega
  8. Amy Rose
  9. Cream the Rabbit and Cheese
  10. Blaze the Cat
  11. Silver the Hedgehog
  12. Mighty the Armadillo
  13. Ray the Flying Squirrel
  14. Espio the Chameleon
  15. E-102 Gamma
  16. Metal Sonic
  17. Infinite

Like Sonic Heroes, you can play as a team of any three of these characters in a Team, or play as a Duo or with just a Single character. Do note some optional paths in stages may be inaccessible by playing Solo.


Play through 14 fully fledged stages! Each stage has 4 Acts with different objectives and 2 emblems each. Clear them with an S Rank to gain both emblems.

Act 1 has 5 Red Star Rings scattered around. Collect them all to unlock its Encore: A more experimental act that remixes the stage to be themed after another stage!

Playable Stages:

  • Emerald Coast – Sonic Adventure
  • Seaside Hill – Sonic Heroes
  • Honeycomb Highway – Sonic Lost World
  • Love Garden – Sonic World
  • Green Hill – Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Misty Gorge – Sonic World
  • Metal Harbor – Sonic Adventure 2
  • Green Forest – Sonic Adventure 2
  • Kingdom Valley – Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
  • Hang Castle – Sonic Heroes
  • Mystic Jungle – Sonic Forces
  • Crisis City – Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
  • Worst Cave – Sonic World (S Rank every Encore Act)
  • Test Stage – Sonic World (If Debug is enabled)

Not enough for you? Install stage mods either specially made for DX or from Legacy releases through Backwards Compatibility.

Chao Garden

Enter the Chao Garden to feed Chaos Drives you’ve collected from robots to your Chao! You can keep up to 20 Chao in a huge garden. All 14 dual-tone colors and all 14 mono-tone colors from Sonic Adventure 2 are available to purchase, meaning your Chao can have up to 28 different colors!

You can buy fruit to level up your Chao’s stats, Hats to personalize them, or Toys for the Chao to play with. All of these can be purchased from the Black Market behind the waterfall!

An improvement from Adventure 2 is that Seeds can now be planted by stomping. They have a 10% chance of being dropped by any food a Chao eats.

Winning competitions nets you up to 400 rings you can spend on your Chao! Enter your Chao into Races or Karate to fight Chao of similar levels.

Note that the system isnt as robust as the Official Chao Gardens: No animal parts or Second Evolutions are present here.

The Island:

As you conquer alternate acts, you collect World Tokens. These are used to develop: The Island. This small area has plenty of nooks and crannies that hide many secrets.

  • Encounter NPCs that have rarely appeared in Sonic games, or even non-game characters such as the leader of the Sonic Fanclub!
  • Collect Mission Cards to play through Challenge Acts, remixing the existing stage roster further.
  • Buy Equips in the shop that can either give a helping hand (like magnetising rings) or even an all-new move (such as the disgusting Boost)!
  • Discover Warp Rings to Scrapped Sonic World Stages that never saw the light of day.
  • Visit the Spring Yard Building to hear all the Sounds of the game.

The Island will grow as more updates release, so keep an eye on it!

Mod Support:

Included in the game is a pdf file documenting everything you can mod in Sonic World DX.

From Themes to personalise your menu, custom stages to play new experiences, or characters to port existing game characters or even characters from other franchises, to voices to pick your ideal Sonic voice actors!

You can download Sonic World DX mods from the Gamebanana here:

Note: Character mods from the SAGE Demo are NOT compatible with Version 1 and need to be updated.

Additional Disclaimers:

  • This is a fangame using Blitz3D, a program from 2002. Some compatibility issues may arise on newer hardware. Report these to the Discord where possible.
  • Because of this old engine, the game is prone to crashing after playing through certain stages. If the background or textures vanish, it is likely the game is about to crash.
  • This game is designed for Keyboard and Mouse in mind. Controllers are partially supported, but are often buggy. An Xbox controller is recommended. Controls can be rebound in the in-game settings.

Updated Stage Modding Tutorial!

Hello everyone!

We love to encourage the modding community of this game to flourish, and as one of the only stage tutorial videos is now 5 years old, a few members of the development team took it upon themselves to explain everything that can be done to mod a level in Sonic World and Sonic World DX.

This livestream is split into chapters, so you can view the specific areas you need to know, and skip the chapters that aren’t relevant to you.

Some aspects are futureproofed (Sound Modding, Object Stamping) for Version 1, but we clarify alternatives for versions currently available.