Here you can download all versions of Legacy Sonic World (deprecated).releasebannerlegacy


Complete Savedata

Versions: Release 9 & Release 8

Why?: This has all special stages completed and characters enabled. You can go super without wasting time on special stages! This also has a different controller config that may fix spinning camera and mis-inputs on Xbox controllers for some.

Instructions: Download the link and extract the zip file into Appdata/Roaming and replace all.


The current recommended version of Sonic World is Release 8. Release 9 is bugged due to prior leakage and increases MAVs (Memory Access Violation).

Sonic World is only available on Windows. It can be played with mixed results on Mac and Linux devices with Wine or similar programs.

There is no Sonic World for mobile devices. Any “Sonic World” app is unrelated to this project and similar only in name.



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