Sonic World V1.1 Out!

A new update to Sonic World 1.1 is out!

a video showing all the changes can be seen here!

  • For Modders
    • The fifth mission of a stage is only locked until all red rings are collected, if the mission type is set to encore.
    • Only the fifth mission of a stage can be set to encore.
    • Free roam missions have been renamed to “Hub” and now support more hub specific features.
    • Character mods can now have custom sounds for their jump action.
    • Stages can now support progress saving for hub worlds (see documentation for details).
    • Adding to the information section of a stage xml will set a hard speedcap.
      -This replaces .
    • Added a system to allow for global sound packs similar to objects.
    • You can now force the game to load a stage on startup (see documentation for details).
    • Insta shield can now be used as a jump action for modded characters.
  • Additions
    • Added Jet the Hawk as a playable character.
    • Added several new items to the shop
    • Added a progress screen to view various statistics about your game.
    • Added a new challenge system to provide more long term goals and rewards. This will be expanded upon in future updates.
    • Added a character switcher to the island to change characters without leaving.
    • Added rewards for clearing challenge acts.
  • Changes
    • Marathon Mode
      • Marathon mode has recieved a complete overhaul!
      • You can now have up to three different marathons saved at one time.
      • You can now choose between playing all main acts in order, a random alternate act from every stage, endless mode or all encore acts in order (once unlocked)
      • Endless Mode:
        • In endless mode, the player starts with five lives.
        • The ability to gain lives has been completely disabled.
        • Endless play through a random act from a random stage until you run out of lives.
        • At the end of the run, you get a ring reward based on how many stages you completed before dying.
      • You can now disable shop items on a per marathon basis without needing to disable them manually from the shop itself.
      • Character and team selections are now saved per marathon and are unable to be changed mid-marathon.
    • General Changes
      • Game assets are no longer compressed into a .swarc file.
      • Removed a bad omen from worst cave.
      • Adjusted the prices of various items in the shop.
      • Refactored many aspects of game code for optimisation.
      • Mod folder structure has been heavily reworked and optimised: See documentation for details.
      • The locations of the base game assets, mods and savedata folders can now be fully customised. See documentation for details.
      • You can now toggle purchased shop items directly from the stage select screen.
    • Stage Changes
      • Rebalanced all rank requirements to fit the new ranking system.
      • Completely reworked silver’s tutorial level.
      • Time is no longer reset upon death in treasure hunt missions.
      • Crisis City Act 4 has recieved a new layout.
    -Gameplay Changes
    – The spindash has been changed to no longer allow rapid speed gain from mashing the button.
    – The drift has been overhauled to allow for better direction control while removing the ability to steer it with the camera.
    – Pressing the reset camera button is now more reliable.
    – Capture mode can now be quick toggled by pressing F11.
    – Boosting is now more reliable and has increased speed.
    – Added sounds to better indicate when the player is going to drop dash.
    – Trick hoops now grant +10 gauge energy.
    – Jumping off from an upwards slope should now send you higher, akin to the classic and adventure games.
    • Character Changes
      • Reduced the height that metal sonic gains when performing the rocket flip.
    • UI Changes
      • Overhauled many aspects of themes, such as HUD layouts, asset loading and more.
      • Themes are now loaded similarly to stages and characters, where they are auto sorted or a specific
        order can be chosen with an xml.
      • HUD Layouts are now consolodated to presets instead of individual elements.
        • This was to allow for more precise tuning for each individual style.
        • A “custom” preset is planned for a future update.
      • Themes can now be changed ingame without having to force close the game (Experimental).
      • Number spacing and positioning has been made more consistent and uniform.
  • Fixes
    • General Fixes
      • Fixed marathon mode being unbeatable.
      • Fixed an issue where loading screen backgrounds would display incorrectly (again).
      • Fixed an issue where favourite commands were being bound to the wrong button.
      • Fixed an issue where jet particles were emitting on mod characters that had the shadow ori.
      • Fixed an issue where mod characters that use the shadow ori without the thwok jump action had a faster homing attack.
      • Fixed the game timer displaying milliseconds incorrectly.
      • Fixed tutorial stages sending you back to the stage select instead of the play menu.
      • Fixed several issues pertaining to MAV errors when leaving non-action stages.
      • Fixed numerous menu related issues.

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