Great new Videos on Sonic World!

Here is a new video on Sonic World from our very own, cobanermani456 on Youtube, for his “Fan Game Fridays” and welcomes you to watch on what he thinks on the game and such.

Up next,we have a video from the well known, Matt from Tails Channel, with an exclusively new Sonic World Release 5 that he blast’s through! (Note: Features in this video do not appear in the final version of Release 5.)

Sonic World Release 5, But…

We weren’t gonna let you off not modding, so we later on released A moddable version of Sonic World. Hopefully it should work for everyone, and if not, the team release patches if any errors, glitches or anything else of that matter. Modding is much easier (Hopefully) and you can edit Colors, Meshes, Names, Bios, etc now. Now modding can be completely called “Mods” and can be shared and installed seamlessly. You may edit while in game, but switch characters to update the changes in the engine.  You can download it right now.

You can download it right here:!Z4QxBarJ!UIL1JGR55eZco2BaRHOp9g6RlYIzX1jSCpCBIOjhq2M


Video is coming soon….