Sonic World DX – Anniversary Demo!

Deefor here!

As Sonic World is 5 years old today, we released an early demo of Sonic World DX! This only contains Sonic and new stage Kingdom Valley! There are a lot of new things visible in this demo too! Why describe it if you could play it yourself?




Google Drive

Sonic World’s 5th Anniversary!

It is hard to believe but it has been almost 5 years since Sonic World’s first release came out all the way back in February of 2014!

Tomorrow, the 14th of February, will be the actual anniversary and we intended to celebrate it as best we can!

More news very soon but for now I can say we will be hosting a stream on Friday for the anniversary and hope to see as many people there as possible!

You can join our Discord for more on the game and of course, celebrating 5 years of Sonic World;

We need your help

I have some extremely sad news. As it stands our beloved Chaos isn’t looking to have a bright future. His diseases and his illnesses are deeming him extremely unfit for any way of supporting himself. Without any proper funds, Chaos is unable to live at all.

Him and his wife live on extremely tight wages, sometimes Chaos goes weeks without food. Chaos has no one else to turn to and no other options left. So I’m not only asking, I am BEGGING you to PLEASE help Chaos out, you can support him from as low as $5 a month to $15. With a stable income monthly Chaos will be able to shoot his life on track and support his family.







Please find it out of the kindness of your heart to support this man. He was there for me in desperate times and I hope you guys will help out to return the favour.

We hope that in future, Chaos and I will be able to return the favour for your kindness. With a possible patreon stage reward for anyone who donates in future

Release 9 – Revision 2 OUT NOW!

Because of several large oversights in Release 9, a patch has been released taking over the old link. it is highly suggested you download it. The changes are as follows:

  • Skip in City Escape nerfed.
  • Westopolis has removed gloss and fixed collision
    • You’re now rewarded for going past the goal ring in the stage.
  • Surfing Waters Added with a make-over. (Model by Ozcrash, Object Placement by Humanoid3000)
  • Ice Worst Cave Added (Which is worse?)
  • Labyrinth Added Back (Made by Cii)
  • Power Plant Added (Object placement by Zonex)
  • Starlight Carnival has removed gloss
  • Test Stage Music Returns
  • Icon added to exe
  • Theme mods template now fixed the logo typo.
  • Meteor Herds 200 ring mission is now possible. (Added more rings)
  • Kingdom Waterfalls near-impossible fifth mission has its time limit removed.

It is important to note any further bugs will not be fixed until SWDX and that any stages from the supposed leak that aren’t here are scrapped.

Ice Worst Cave and Surfing Waters will not return in SWDX due to the lack of quality in these stages.

I apologise for the lackluster release of release 9 and hope that DX will make up for it.


First Footage of Sonic World DX

Now that the leaked release is now official, we can now focus on the REAL next release. Previews of several upcoming stages, new HUD and and the reanimated Sonic!

Please note that everything is subject to change.

Jojo and Gerbil will be the main video publishers for now. Please give constructive, Realistic feedback.

Deefor is also the main project manager of this new release, now that the previous manager stepped down.

We’re back online! (+ Discord Link)

Syphyous here! I’m glad to say that Sonic World is back. Now you might be super confused on what went down, so to explain the situation in full we have this video to show:

Also just wanna say sorry for any inconvenience that this caused but now we can continue the game without Ozcrash because Ozcrash is still gone as the stuff shown against him is fully real.

Make sure to join our Discord server!

Trikumax – New Screenshot!

Screenshot 1 – Rookie Shores Boss: Turtron

This is Turtron; the first encounter you have in the game. In this screenshot you will be able to see Turtron using one of his attacks during the first phase of the fight where he shoots fireballs towards you while in the air! During this attack is a great point for you to hit Turtron as direct hits are required to lower his health, but be careful to not be hit yourself!

Click on the image to see more details on Trikumax.