Remaster/Reimagining/Recreation Project





Bold = In-Game

Bold blue = Mod (With link)

✔*=Not Released Yet
✔/◊=Needs Updating or New Version Needed
Empty=Waiting to be made
(Has to be decently good, not short, not trashy, with obj.)

Note: Almost all of these work in DX. As some of these are OLD old, translators may be buggy.

Legacy treasure hunt stages like Wild Canyon require tweaks to the xml (simply rename “redring” to “shard”).


Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)

South Island (OVA)
Green Hill ✔ (in R7)
Spring Yard
Labyrinth ✔ (In R9)
Star Light  ✔ (In R8)
Scrap Brain
Final Zone
Bridge  ✔ (In R9)
Sky Base

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Under Ground
Sky High ◊
Aqua Lake
Green Hills
Gimmick Mountain ✔
Scrambled Egg
Crystal Egg
Emerald Hill ✔
Chemical Plant ✔ (In R9)
Aquatic Ruin
Casino Night
Hill Top
Mystic Cave
Oil Ocean
Sky Chase
Wing Fortress
Dust Hill
Hidden Palace (S2) ✔ (In R8)
Wood ◊
Genocide City ◊
Death Egg (S2 Full Version)

SegaSonic the Hedgehog

Volcanic Vault
Icy Isle
Desert Dodge
Trap Tower
Landslide Limbo
Wild Water Way
Eggman’s Tower

Sonic CD

Palmtree Panic ✔
Collision Chaos ✔
Tidal Tempest ◊
Quartz Quadrant
Wacky Workbench (In R8)
Stardust Speedway (In R8)
Metallic Madness
Relic Ruins
Desert Dazzle
Final Fever

Sonic Chaos

Turquoise Hill
Sleeping Egg
Mecha Green Hill
Aqua Planet
Electric Egg

Sonic Spinball

Toxic Caves
Lava Powerhouse
The Machine
The Showdown

Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Angel Island ✔ 
Hydrocity ✔ (In R8)
Marble Garden ✔
Carnival Night ◊
Ice Cap
Launch Base
Azure Lake
Balloon Park
Chrome Gadget
Desert Palace
Endless Mine
Mushroom Hill
Flying Battery
Sandopolis ◊
Lava Reef
Hidden Palace (S3&K) ✔ (In R8)
Sky Sanctuary ✔ (In R8)
Death Egg (S3&K)

Sonic Triple Trouble

Great Turquoise
Sunset Park
Meta Junglira
Robotnik Winter
Tidal Plant
Atomic Destroyer
Isolated Island

Knuckles’ Chaotix

Newtronic High
Botanic Base
Speed Slider
Amazing Arena
Techno Tower
Marina Madness

Tails Side-Series

Rail Canyon (Tails’ Skypatrol)
Ruin Wood (Tails’ Skypatrol)
Metal Island (Tails’ Skypatrol)
Dark Castle (Tails’ Skypatrol)
Poloy’s Forest
Volcanic Tunnel
Polly Mountain
Lake Rocky
Cavern Island
Green Island
Lake Crystal
Caron Forest
Coco Island

Sonic Labyrinth

Sky Labyrinth
Sea Labyrinth
Factory Labyrinth
Castle Labyrinth

Sonic the Fighters

South Island (Fighters)
Flying Carpet
Aurora Icefield
Canyon Cruise
Mushroom Hill (Fighters)
Casino Night (Fighters)
Dynamite Plant
Giant Wing
Death Egg’s (Fighters)

Sonic 3D

Green Grove
Rusty Ruin ✔ (in R7)
Spring Stadium
Diamond Dust ✔(in R8)
Volcano Valley
Gene Gadget
Panic Puppet
Final Fight

Sonic Blast

Green Hill (Blast)
Yellow Desert
Red Volcano
Blue Marine
Silver Castle

Sonic R

Resort Island►◊
Radical City
Regal Ruin
Reactive Factory
Radiant Emerald ✔

Sonic the Hedgehog 4

Splash Hill  ✔
Casino Street
Lost Labyrinth
Mad Gear
E.G.G. Station
Sylvania Castle ◊
White Park
Oil Desert
Sky Fortress
Death Egg mk.II ✔ (in R8)

Sonic Mania

Mirage Saloon
Press Garden
Titanic Monarch
Egg Reverie


Sonic Adventure

Station Square ✔
Mystic Ruins
Egg Carrier ✔ (in R9)
Emerald Coast ✔ (in R7)
Windy Valley ✔ (In R8)
IceCap ✔ (In R9)
Twinkle Park ✔ (In R9)
Speed Highway ✔ (In R9)
Red Mountain
Sky Deck
Lost World ✔ (In R8)
Final Egg ✔ (In R9)
Hot Shelter
Sky Chase (Adventure)
Hedgehog Hammer
Twinkle Circuit
Sand Hill

Sonic Pocket Adventure

Neo South Island
Secret Plant
Cosmic Casino
Aquatic Relix
Sky Chase (Pocket Adventure)
Gigantic Angel
Last Utopia
Chaotic Space

Sonic Shuffle

Emerald Coast (Shuffle) ✔* (DX V1)
Fire Bird
Nature Zone
Riot Train
Fourth Dimension Space

Sonic Adventure 2

City Escape ◊
Wild Canyon ✔ (in R7)
Prison Lane ✔ (in R7)
Metal Harbor ✔ (in R7)
Green Forest ✔ (In R8)
Pumpkin Hill ◊
Mission Street ✔ (in R7)
Aquatic Mine ✔*
Hidden Base
Pyramid Cave
Death Chamber
Eternal Engine
Meteor Herd ✔ (in R8)
Crazy Gadget ✔ (In R8)
Final Rush ✔ (Since R1)
Iron Gate
Dry Lagoon ✔ (In R8)
Sand Ocean ✔ (In R8)
Radical Highway ✔ (In R8)
Egg Quarters ◊
Lost Colony ◊
Weapons Bed ✔* (DX V1)
Security Hall ✔ (in R6)
White Jungle ◊
Sky Rail
Mad Space
Cosmic Wall ◊
Final Chase
Cannon’s Core
Green Hill (SA2)

Sonic Advance

Neo Green Hill
Secret Base►◊
Casino Paradise
Ice Mountain►◊
Angel Island (Advance)
Egg Rocket► ✔
Cosmic Angel
The Moon

Sonic Advance 2

Leaf Forest
Hot Crater
Music Plant◊
Ice Paradise
Sky Canyon
Techno Base
Egg Utopia
True Area 53

Sonic Battle (All Clear)

Emerald Beach
Tails’ Lab ✔
Chao Ruins
Battle Highway
Club Rouge
Amy’s Room
Metal Depot
Holy Summit
Death Egg (Battle)
Green Hill (Battle)

Sonic Heroes

Sea Gate ✔ (In R9)
Seaside Hill ✔ (Since R1)
Ocean Palace ✔ (In R7)
Grand Metropolis ✔ (In R8)
Power Plant ✔ (In R9)
Casino Park ✔ (In R7)
BINGO Highway
Rail Canyon
Bullet Station
Frog Forest ✔ (In R8)
Lost Jungle ✔
Hang Castle ✔ (In DX SAGE)
Mystic Mansion
Egg Fleet ✔ (In R9)
Final Fortress ◊

Sonic Advance 3

Route 99
Sunset Hill
Ocean Base
Toy Kingdom
Twinkle Snow
Cyber Track
Chaos Angel
Altar Emerald

Shadow the Hedgehog

Westopolis ✔ (In R9)
Digital Circuit
Glyphic Canyon
Lethal Highway ✔ (In R9)
Cryptic Castle ✔ (In R9)
Prison Island
Circus Park
Central City
The Doom
Sky Troops
Mad Matrix
Death Ruins
Air Fleet
Iron Jungle
Space Gadget
Lost Impact
GUN Fortress
Black Comet ✔
Lava Shelter
Cosmic Fall
Final Haunt
The Last Way


Sonic Rush

Leaf Storm
Water Palace►◊
Mirage Road► ◊
Night Carnival ✔ (In R8)
Huge Crisis
Altitude Limit
Dead Line
F-Zone/Point-W [Egg King]► ◊

Sonic Riders

Metal City
Splash Canyon
Egg Factory
Green Cave
Sand Ruins
Babylon Garden
Babylon Guardian
Digital Dimension
Sega Carnival

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Wave Ocean ✔ (in R7)
Dusty Desert ✔
White Acropolis ◊
Crisis City ✔ (in R7)
Flame Core
Radical Train ✔ (In R8)
Tropical Jungle ◊
Kingdom Valley ✔ (In DX)
Aquatic Base

Sonic Rivals

Forest Falls
Colosseum Highway
Sky Park
Crystal Mountain
Death Yard
Meteor Base Zone

Sonic and the Secret Rings

Lost Prologue►✔*
Sand Oasis► ◊
Dinosaur Jungle► ◊
Evil Foundry► ◊
Levitated Ruin► ◊
Pirate Storm► ◊
Skeleton Dome► ◊
Night Palace ✔

Sonic Rush Adventure

Plant Kingdom►◊
Machine Labyrinth►◊
Coral Cave ✔ (In R8)
Haunted Ship
Sky Babylon
Blizzard Peaks
Pirates’ Island► ◊
Big Swell
Deep Core

Sonic Rivals 2

Blue Coast
Sunset Forest
Neon Palace
Frontier Canyon
Mystic Haunt
Chaotic Inferno

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

Megalo Station
Botanical Kingdom
MeteoTech Premises
Aquatic Capital
Gigan Rocks
Crimson Crater
Gigan Device
Nightside Rush
Snowy Kingdom
MeteoTech Sparkworks
Tempest Waterway
Security Corridor
Mobius Strip
Astral Babylon
’80s Boulevard
’90s Boulevard

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Blue Ridge► ◊
Metropolis Ground Zero
Kron Colony
N’rrgal Colony
Zoah Colony
Voxai Colony Beta
Voxai Colony Alpha

Sonic Unleashed

Apotos (Windmill Isle)
Mazuri (Savannah Citadel)
Spagonia (Rooftop Run)
Holoska (Cool Edge) ✔
Chun-Nan (Dragon Road)
Shamar (Arid Sands) ✔
Empire City (Skyscraper Scamper) ✔/◊
Adabat (Jungle Joyride) ✔ (In R9)
Eggmanland (Crimson Carnival) ✔

Sonic and the Black Knight

Misty Lake
Camelot Castle
Deep Woods► ◊
Titanic Plain► ◊
Crystal Cave► ◊
Molten Mine► ◊
Faraway Avalon► ◊
Knight’s Passage► ◊
Shrouded Forest► ◊
Great Megalith► ◊
The Cauldron► ◊
Dragon’s Lair► ◊
Dark Hollow► ◊

Sonic Free Riders

Dolphin Resort
Rocky Ridge
Frozen Forest
Metropolis Speedway
Magma Rift
Forgotten Tomb
Final Factory

Sonic Colors

Tropical Resort ✔ (In R8)
Sweet Mountain
Starlight Carnival ✔ (In R9)
Planet Wisp
Aquarium Park► ✔/◊
Asteroid Coaster ✔/◊
Terminal Velocity ✔
Game Land ✔

Sonic Lost World

Windy Hill
Desert Ruins
Tropical Coast
Frozen Factory
Silent Forest
Sky Road
Lava Mountain
Hidden World
Nightmare Zone
Yoshi’s Island Zone
The Legend of Zelda Zone

Sonic Forces

Green Hill (Forces)
Chemical Plant (Forces)
Mystic Jungle ✔* (DX V1)
Metropolis (Forces)
Death Egg (Forces)
Eggman Empire Fortress