Sonic World DX – Endless Modding Possibilities!

In order to show off the modding potential of Sonic World DX compared to the original, we have made a faithful recreation of Bob-Omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64.

This showcases a brand new mission type: Collectathon, where you have to obtain a certain number of collectibles to win!

In order to add the 8 Red Coins, we have added Moonrings! These can be set on a timer and can unlock rewards such as switches!

Related to switches, they can now toggle specific meshes. Add a switch appear attribute and assign it to a switch and it can act like a gate or appearing platforms!

This will release as a Day 1 mod in order to show the potential of DX. As a companion piece, Odyssey Mario will also appear, with a 64 skin.

Even better, Adventure Sonic will join them, with both their DX and Dreamcast incarnations, containing ripped animations!

We’re pushing Sonic World to be more and more as the Modders’ Sonic game, and hope these additions and examples can help convey how accurate we can be.