UPDATE: 1.0.10

We have updated to patch 1.0.10, fixing false positives on many Anti-virus software! Download here:




Version 1.0.01

– Fixed an issue where World Tokens were not saving properly.
– Fixed an issue where S ranking a tutorial stage gave emblems to the last action stage played.
– Fixed an issue where it was possible to unlock encore acts for tutorial levels.
– Fixed an issue where legacy stages in the island were giving emblems to Emerald Coast.
– Fixed an issue where exiting a legacy stage or challenge act would not play a sound on clicking the button.
– Fixed an issue where the ring counter on the island would flash red until you collected a ring.
– Fixed an issue where exiting out of the marathon start screen would highlight a non existent menu option.
– Fixed an issue where the incorrect tooltip was being shown for certain characters’ stomp actions.
– Fixed an issue where dying in a perfect run mission would not make the player lose a life
– Fixed an issue where marathon mode would randomise the act number.
– Fixed an issue where the screen for unlocking a stage’s encore act was appearing in acts 2-4.

– Added a new ability called “Spare Change”, which increase the amount of rings you drop when you are hit.

– Prevented checkpoints from spawning in perfect run missions as they are not needed in a one life scenario.
– Custom teams are now unlocked from the start
– Getting hit now reduces your rings by 30, instead of taking them all away.

-Stage Changes
– Fixed a spring in Ray’s tutorial that led you to a dry destination.

Version 1.0.10

– Adding to missions.xml will force the stage to only display one mission. This can be used for bite sized
stages or hub worlds that do not require more than one mission.

– Red Star Rings no longer appear in marathon mode, instead spawning 20-value super rings.
– Updated the encryption method to a different software, reducing antivirus false positives and allowing customisation of base game assets.
– Eggman monitors now hurt the player instead of taking away 10 rings.
– Amy’s hammer twirl has been nerfed based on player feedback. An item in the shop has been added for people who prefer the old style.
– Doubled the amount of time that characters who levitate can levitate for.
– Mod stages can now add emblems, rings and redrings.
– Egg Gunner bullets no longer drain rings if you are super.
– Pressing down in 2D sections will now make the player roll.
– All equips show the correct icons

  • General Fixes
    • Updated some fixes from 1.0.01 that were not functioning as intended.
    • Added control tips for several shop skills.
    • Fixed an issue where handicaps were not appearing on the results screen.
    • Fixed an issue where the pulley sound was persisting after the player had exited the pulley state.
    • Fixed mission specific counters overlapping with each other.
    • Fixed some stages having incorrect loading backgrounds.
    • Fixed an issue where the game could freeze for a second when the stage finished loading.
    • Fixed an issue where mission modifiers from challenge acts were carrying over to the island.
    • Fixed an issue where emblems bought from the shop were not unlocking content.
    • Fixed an issue where the vehicle state was not being reset upon completing a stage.
    • Fixed an issue where the Daredevil handicap was not functioning properly.
    • Fixed an issue where the game would crash if you received a game over on a challenge act.
    • Fixed an issue where some Denizens of the Island did not display textures.
  • Character Fixes
    • Fixed certain characters’ stomp actions not performing as intended.

-Stage Fixes
– Emerald Coast
– Fixed softlock when descending the ramp after the first checkpoint.
– Increased the number of ramps at the double-loop.
– Fixed ranking requirement for Challenge Act

- Seaside Hill
    - Fixed softlocks in act 1.
    - Fixed softlocks in act 3.
    - Fixed missing materials in act 5.
    - Reduced ring requirement for the gate to 25
    - Replaced monitors beside ring gate with 2 20 Rings

- Honeycomb Highway
    - Made the Goal Ring appear sooner in Acts 2 and 3, reducing automation.

- Metal Harbor
    - Fixed music not playing in act 2.
    - Fixed softlocks in act 1
    - Fixed an issue with the easter egg room.

- Hang Castle
    - Fixed crashes to do with the stage geometry across all acts.
    - Added the Jump Panel section to Act 2.

- Crisis City
    - Fixed softlock in Challenge Act

- Worst Cave
    - Removed bad omens caused by clearing the stage.
    - Fixed ranking requirements for Challenge Act

- Test Stage
    - Overhauled Act 1 to show off more of DX's new features

- Reworded tutorials for Amy, Infinite, Cream, Rouge and Tails.

Mod Fixes
– Fixed mod stages not loading properly sometimes.
– Fixed an issue where selecting a costume slot on a mod character and then highlighting another character
without that slot would cause the game to crash.
– Fixed an issue where superforms would not appear for mod characters.
– Fixed an issue where Ori0 characters would cause the game to crash sometimes.