Sonic World 1.1.10

Hey guys! Sorry we’ve been lacking on updates on the site

In case you missed it, we released 1.1 on March 31st. Since then we have created various patches, now that data is unencrypted, allowing us to fix bugs and glitches faster than before.

Said patches released are 1.1.01, 1.1.02, 1.1.03 and 1.1.10. The latest will always be on the downloads page, meaning we will replace the link each time a patch is out. This also means people will always be sure the patch of version 1 they’re getting is the latest.

the changelog for all versions from 1.1.10 is as follows:

V 1.1.10:

Crisis City Act 4

  • Fixed sign alphas.
  • Merged unnecessary vertices.
  • Added an invisible barrier in case you get knocked off-course.
  • Added music, a background and a thumbnail.
  • Made the lavafall move.

Kingdom Valley Act 3

  • Fixed a certain trick hoop being too high to make contact with.


  • Improved selection of save slots and increase vanilla limit to 5.
  • Updated in-game credits for 1.1.
  • Updated Shadow Android skate animation.
  • Fixed an issue where dying would not properly reset challenge progress and walleted rings.
  • Fixed an issue where boss acts would crash due to looking for non existent files.
  • Fixed an issue where Rouge’s screwkick attack would not damage enemies.


  • Fixed an issue where grind rails sometimes set the player at an extremely low speed.


  • Added credits to base game themes.
  • Fixed certain issues pertaining to mod loading.
  • Fixed an issue where returning to the island after completing a challenge act would not let you pick up additional mission cards
  • Fixed an issue with red rings not resetting properly after death.
  • Fixed an issue where hint text was not being rendered at the front of the UI.


  • Fixed voice mods not functioning properly.
  • Fixed the encore unlock screen from appearing every time after getting it normally.
  • Removed some dummy files that were not used by the game to save on file space.
  • Fixed plants not being able to be changed in the options menu.