V1.1.20 Upcoming Feature – Mod Backwards Compatibility

1.1.20 will be the next patch update.

We’ll be working towards adding compatibility for Legacy character mods and the animation system. this makes them way easier to port, only requiring minor text editing knowledge.

Shown with EnderPreston’s Steve mod for R9 and Chalpha Eve’s Kirby mod.

The model will still need minor changes to be compatible. Old movesets are NOT ported so most unique skill animations will have to be adjusted. Most mods using Sonic, and the President’s skillset will not be affected (Sonic would just need his throw animation deleted)

This does make porting Legacy mods much easier as you don’t need to worry about the added animations (victory, wait, mach, skydive, etc)

Want to know what mods this opens up opportunities for? Legacy mods can be found here: Link. Once 1.1.20 releases, we will supply a tutorial both on the Gamebanana and the supplied mod documentation. Our modding community means the World (ha) to us, so we hope this lets new fans and old replay older mods easier in this improved version of Sonic World.