New Page: Tools!

Hey guys, Deefor here.

Under the Mods section, theres a brand new option: Tools!

This has things that can either help you make mods (Easy XML Editor and fragMOTION), or help you organise mods (Blitz Sonic Stage List Generator)

All of these are freeware or has a free trial, be sure to take a look! The link is here:


Some Updates

Hey guys, Deefor here!

It’s been a month since the demo and some things on social media, etc, have been done since then.

Firstly, we now have a Sonic World DX Twitter, you can check it out here.

Next of all, we have updated the FAQ to suit Sonic World DX more. You can see the changes here.

Finally, thanks to a vote on the discord, we are replacing the voices of most characters with fan-made voices, mostly from the people from Adrenaline Dubs. Expect to hear some of those sometime soon. In the latest video, you can hear the voice for Sonic!

Also going to say this here since everybody keeps asking this. Sonic World is not moving to another engine. The amount of work is required and not worth it.

New Stage! Terminal Velocity

Hey guys, Deefor here!

This boss stage from Sonic Colours returns in Sonic World. The Eggman boss may be similar to one already present, but that won’t stay the same for long… This stage is made by Brandon506042

Also you can have a first taste of the new original voice-cast, featuring Landy as Sonic!

Sonic World’s 5th Anniversary!

It is hard to believe but it has been almost 5 years since Sonic World’s first release came out all the way back in February of 2014!

Tomorrow, the 14th of February, will be the actual anniversary and we intended to celebrate it as best we can!

More news very soon but for now I can say we will be hosting a stream on Friday for the anniversary and hope to see as many people there as possible!

You can join our Discord for more on the game and of course, celebrating 5 years of Sonic World;