Some Updates

Hey guys, Deefor here!

It’s been a month since the demo and some things on social media, etc, have been done since then.

Firstly, we now have a Sonic World DX Twitter, you can check it out here.

Next of all, we have updated the FAQ to suit Sonic World DX more. You can see the changes here.

Finally, thanks to a vote on the discord, we are replacing the voices of most characters with fan-made voices, mostly from the people from Adrenaline Dubs. Expect to hear some of those sometime soon. In the latest video, you can hear the voice for Sonic!

Also going to say this here since everybody keeps asking this. Sonic World is not moving to another engine. The amount of work is required and not worth it.

New Stage! Terminal Velocity

Hey guys, Deefor here!

This boss stage from Sonic Colours returns in Sonic World. The Eggman boss may be similar to one already present, but that won’t stay the same for long… This stage is made by Brandon506042

Also you can have a first taste of the new original voice-cast, featuring Landy as Sonic!

Release 9 – Revision 2 OUT NOW!

Because of several large oversights in Release 9, a patch has been released taking over the old link. it is highly suggested you download it. The changes are as follows:

  • Skip in City Escape nerfed.
  • Westopolis has removed gloss and fixed collision
    • You’re now rewarded for going past the goal ring in the stage.
  • Surfing Waters Added with a make-over. (Model by Ozcrash, Object Placement by Humanoid3000)
  • Ice Worst Cave Added (Which is worse?)
  • Labyrinth Added Back (Made by Cii)
  • Power Plant Added (Object placement by Zonex)
  • Starlight Carnival has removed gloss
  • Test Stage Music Returns
  • Icon added to exe
  • Theme mods template now fixed the logo typo.
  • Meteor Herds 200 ring mission is now possible. (Added more rings)
  • Kingdom Waterfalls near-impossible fifth mission has its time limit removed.

It is important to note any further bugs will not be fixed until SWDX and that any stages from the supposed leak that aren’t here are scrapped.

Ice Worst Cave and Surfing Waters will not return in SWDX due to the lack of quality in these stages.

I apologise for the lackluster release of release 9 and hope that DX will make up for it.


First Footage of Sonic World DX

Now that the leaked release is now official, we can now focus on the REAL next release. Previews of several upcoming stages, new HUD and and the reanimated Sonic!

Please note that everything is subject to change.

Jojo and Gerbil will be the main video publishers for now. Please give constructive, Realistic feedback.

Deefor is also the main project manager of this new release, now that the previous manager stepped down.