Quality of Life Additions – New Video!

Deefor here!

Sorry that we have been keeping quiet for a while, as the team has been working on minor quality of life improvements for this game!

One of these, the Equip Shop, adds some additional replay value, and has some equips that can make the game easier or harder, with a score multiplier.

Stage makers will also rejoice with new debug features such as stamping objects and menu shortcuts, to allow more efficient object placement.

For those who don’t want to reload the entire stage, the soft restart feature is present in the pause menu, alongside in-game volume settings.

More information on DX will be shown soon, particularly characters. We keep most updates on the Discord server, for those starving for Sonic World content.

Family in Danger of Losing Everything

Ace, one of our dearest friends and member of the Sonic World crew is quickly heading towards becoming homeless. His mother has suffered a lot at the hands of terrible doctors and nurses and their home is falling apart.

ONLY $3000 IS NEEDED BEFORE THE 23rd OF AUGUST to at least be able to keep what they have for another year so they have time to find a better life.

PLEASE, if you have anything to give, even a $1 will help out in a massive way.

GOFUNDME: https://www.gofundme.com/f/family-in-danger-of-losing-everything

TRIKUMAX now available on Steam! (+ Discord Server)

Syphyous here and I’m super happy to announce that Trikumax is out on Steam!

STEAM PAGE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1009210/Trikumax/

You can also join our Trikumax Discord Server to get updates or to just hang out: https://discord.gg/7372kaf

It’s taken a lot of time to make it and I hope you all enjoy it as it was a blast making it with my amazing friend who is also the amazing artist: Doryan Nelson!

New Stage! Luminous Forest

Hey guys!

Here with another stage: Luminous Forest, from Sonic Forces. This stage has several intentional paths with none in particular being the main part, also with several unofficial shortcuts!

This stage is made by Brandon, using edited assets from Hardlight’s Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.

For time attack, it gets rainy and blocks your vision, with music from Aqua Road.

For its Golden Enemy Mission, the entire place gets lit red from the flames and rampaging enemies!

I hope you enjoy this stage that was severely underutilised in Forces.